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Office events?  Need great food for that big meeting?  Feeding a small army?

Local businesses and residents rely on us for quality, timely and budget-friendly catering.  And our food isn’t just good…it’s totally delicious, so your guests will be grazing with smiles on their faces.  Whether it’s an artisan sandwich platter, fresh sliced fruit selections, cheese and crackers, box sandwiches, spicy wings, empanada plates, cookies, brownies, or even a birthday cake, we’ll be sure to come through with what you need—on time, on taste, and easy on your pockets.  Just give us a call and get the party started.


Start your day in a tasty way, here are some of our popular breakfast catering platters and combos:

Rise & Shine

Delicious mini pastries like brioche, mini bagels, croissants, danish, muffins and more. Rise & Shine with coffee or tea service or Fresh OJ

Bagels & Bialys

NY style, the real thing, we don't do fake bagels!

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Get it on a platter, in a watermelon or whatever we can think up.

Fresh & Healthy

Yogurt and Granola bar with fresh fruit and OJ, great way to start a breakfast meeting.

Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs

Scrambled or Breakfast burritos with salsa.

County in the City

French toast sticks or Belgian waffles with seasonal fresh fruit like berries, bananas all served with Pure Maple syrup, bacon and sweet butter


We can put together almost any kind of lunch platter you wish. And we didn’t forget about vegetarians & vegans! Here are a just few popular items:

Mixed Artisan Sandwiches

  1. -Chicken Caesar

  2. -Chicken Fajita

  3. -Fresh Mint Egg Salad


  1. -Chicken Caesar

  2. -Chicken Fajita

  3. -Turkey Club

Brioche Sandwiches

  1. -Chicken Caesar

  2. -Chicken Fajita

  3. -Turkey Club

Finger Sandwiches

  1. -Ham & Swiss

  2. -Roast Beef & Avocado

  3. -Egg Salad & Cucumber

Classic Deli Sandwiches

  1. -Top Round Roast Beef with Lettuce

  2. -Black Forest Ham & Swiss Cheese

  3. -Tuna Salad with Lettuce & Tomato

Vegetarian & Vegan

  1. -Roasted Veggies

  2. -The California

  3. -Savory Tofu Sandwich


You can build you own sandwich platters, take a look at this PDF to see all the kind of sandwiches we make.

We even make hot toasted sandwiches and Panini.

Did we mention Salads?

Some popular greens we do are: Spinach salad, Chicken Cobb Salad, Harvest Salad, Chopped Salad, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Caesar with or without grilled chicken and more.

We also make delicious pasta salads like Orzo salad, cold sesame noodles, Penne with Broccoli, and more.


Looking for Hors D' Oeuvres?

Here's a quick list of some popular party platters:

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings

Vegetable Quesadillas

Sesame Chicken Skewers

Beef Empanadas

Chicken Quesadillas

Mini Burgers

Mini Crab Cakes

Mini Quiche

Raspberry with Brie in Filo Dough

Crostinis or Filo Cups with:

  1. -Hummus with Asparagus

  2. -Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella

  3. -Portobello Mushroom and Parmesan

  4. -Sour Cream Pesto with Red Pepper

  5. -Shrimp Salad

  6. -Crabmeat with Lemon Juice

  7. -Babaganush with Feta

Here’s a quick look at some of our killer catering combos

Sandwich platters start at about $9.95 per person. Please contact us and we'll be happy to put a quote together that will fit your budget.